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This is my two-cent's worth page; in here you will discover ideas and my way of looking at problems of every day living.
Another area I will get in to is the human behavior, which is something that occupies a lot of my spare time.
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By Mike Gutrugianios
If you only knew who you really are, you will never be the same again.


This first writing has to do and is about parents, the question is we as parents listening to our children? What do I mean about listening, I don't mean mom/dad I kneed this or that, no I am referring to their future and who they are, what is their abilities, potential and intelligence oh yes they all have those qualities. By all means these article is not for everyone, no, some of you will say why I should listen to them their not listening to me I am their parent! I know what is best for them! Ah there is where everything gets twisted and fall out of joint. Well this article is not for you! Your fate and that of your children is already carved in stone. So have a good day and thanks for reading. Now you are not leaving me yet are you? This is where it starts to get juicy. Most of the time we tried to shape our children into something they're not; we spend all of that time and energy for something that is counterproductive. Some children are unhappy in their environment, by that I don't mean at home, they can be in a playground it can be at work it could be at school they're just are not happy, now do we spend the time to find out why? Or we just tell them snap out of it what is the matter with you? They will forget it for a while and then they fall into despair, because is always in the background eating them alive that thought witch is not reality at all, "nobody cares about me", that is where your attention, "listening" needed. I admit not all situations exactly like that, some are less some are more drastic, and nevertheless the result is still the same, moody, unproductive, spaced out, uncooperative, and plain not interested in any interactions. And if they're interacting they're doing it only to please and with out any pleasure to themselves. So what do we do in a situation like this? We ask. What is wrong? Don't ask is everything OK are you all right because the answer will be one of negativity and denial. Something like, yes I am OK! Which is not true at all? The reason we ask what is wrong strait out and nothing else is because we are aware that something is wrong and care enough to ask. Stay tuned, next I will go in little deeper.

Author: Mike Gutrugianios