Paint Can Hendle Attachment


Paint can handle attachment
This product is only a prototype for now, and it has a US patent,
I am in the process of attaining a suitable manufacture


This little tool attaches to a quart, 1 or 2 gal paint cans, and bucket.
The uniqueness comes in its use, first off no more awkward hooks to hang your bucket, no more not knowing where to place your bucket, so as not to fall over, because this little handy tool attaches securely to your bucket and then it hook's securely on anything it can wrap it self around. By folding the hook back on the handle or taking it out all together you can insert it on the step ladders hollow steps. As you can see on the illustrations there is no shortage of places to hang your bucket Now you may ask yourself why do I need this. Well lets see, have you ever lifted a paint bucket to paint out of? that annoying handle is always in the way of your brush entering the bucket. Then while up on the ladder painting, that little platform on your ladder is not secure enough to leave your bucket there. There is always the possibility of falling over, and who has the time to watch the bucket when your are busy painting?
Now your have finished painting one place and you have to move your ladder over, that can be a dangerous proposition, so you take the bucket off the ladder, move the ladder, place the bucket on your ladder's platform ones more and proceed to paint, now that is a waste of time!
But with my handle attached to the bucket and hooked on your ladder you can move and paint away happy and carefree.
Not convinced yet! The handle has many uses it attaches to an empty paint can or bucket (2 gal, max) put your tools in it hang it on the ladder and you are on your way to fixing anything. You can also use the bottom hook to open paint cans and use the grip of the device to close the cover